Different Patterns for a Black Love Seat

Bringing in pattern on a black love seat is a lot of fun. Usually furniture needs to be solid colors in order to have any kind of durability to it. However, when you do go with a neutral kind of color palette it does ensures that you can get a very classic kind of look. This means that you have a little bit more liberty as to the type of black furniture that you do choose.

This can be very elegant looking. Right now damask is all the rage. This features a formal fabric but the contrast makes it very modern and contemporary. Having an entire furniture set in this pattern could be a little bit overwhelming. You really wouldn’t know where to look. Instead, you can just change it up by going with a very basic kind of concept. You can just pair this with either a white or a black sofa, whichever one you choose. In fact it can also compliment a lot of other colors of furniture such as a bold red or blue.

This can also kind of be vintage which is really great if you want to shop at thrift stores. You can have almost a Victorian kind of feeling if you go with a very ornate piece then head to the upholsterer and go with a velvet. In this case, you may want to also spray paint the frame either black or white for more of a contemporary kind of finish on a headboard.

Another vintage fabric would really be kind of a twill feeling. This is a true upholstery fabric because it is very heavy and it really does have a lot of other uses. Think of this as something that fashion forward women would wear on a basic pencil skirt. The really great thing about this is that it does offer a lot of different grays and whites so you do have quite a cohesive palette, although it will probably read as a solid. This is a very subtle pattern that can also be very sophisticated.

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