Pie Safes: Bringing Back A Simpler Time

There are both types of pie safes available.  So, which one is going to find its way into your home?  The answer to this question will depend on the other kitchen decor that you have and the look you are trying to achieve.  You may have a more functional purpose in mind for your cabinet, but the modern use of a pie safe is for decorative purposes, for the most part.  In fact, many people collect those pie safe tins and use them for decoration in their kitchens.  Antique pie safes are often missing these highly coveted items or they are damaged.

This is where modern design or technology can help save the day.  With a little bit of work, it is simple to remove the old pie tins and add new ones in.  These new ones could match your old style or be a completely new look.  In many cases, the tin has been replaced with aluminum or copper as the metal of choice.  These are easier to manufacture and also simple to work.  They can also give you an entirely fresh look in your cabinet.

Most pie safe cabinets are made of wood that is of an older stock.  You cannot just replace that look of an old growth tree pattern and grain with newer wood.  However, they can be stained and finished to give you a very handsome piece of furniture.  Oak is a popularly used wood, but mahogany and cherry both make for a very elegant and durable cabinet.  These woods also carry with them an attractive grain pattern.

If your cabinet doesn’t come with pie tins, it may be that wood dowels were used instead.  These dowels can be of a small diameter and spaced just enough apart to allow that air to circulate inside the cabinet.  If you don’t prefer this look and you don’t want to purchase new tins, you can always make your own.  The process is as easy as purchasing the metal, which you can use sheers to cut or have them cut at the location where you purchase the metal in many cases.  Then, you can use a punch tool to create the design that you have drawn or laid out on the metal.  If you or someone in the home is a hobby woodworker, these types of projects can be quite satisfying.

With just a little bit of doing, those pie tins can be easily removed and the new ones can be set in place.  Smaller moulding strips of wood can be used to support or mount the tins in place within the cabinet itself.

Where to Buy New Pie Safe Cabinets

This depends on the quality, size and materials that you are looking for.  There are a some Amish styles you can browse at www.onlineamishfurniture.com.  They range in price from $500-1,000 USD.  There are also Mission styles available to look at.  You can also shop at Ebay, Amazon and local garage and estate sales for finds in your area.  You would also save a considerable amount in terms of shipping costs this way.  Wherever you decide to purchase, pie safes make a great purchase and addition to the look and function of your kitchen.

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