Pink Camouflage Bedding for Girls

With so many parents serving in the Armed Forces, girls as well as boys are wanting to decorate their bedrooms in camouflage.  Pink camouflage bedding has arrived on the scene and it is perfect for the little girl’s bedroom.

Once upon a time camouflage covers were only used by the Army and military personnel on the battlefield.  Eventually little boys began to adopt camouflage bedding for their bedrooms.  Whether they were wanting to grow up and be just like Dad or just playing with G.I. Joe with friends, camouflage bedding found its way into the home bedrooms.

In today’s world girls do not want to be left out.  However, the khaki and olive drabs that make up the decor for the boy’s room did not seem suitable for the little girl.  Today sheets, pillow cases, and comforters are available in pink camouflage for the girl’s bedroom.

The variety of patterns has increased over the years from the patchy colors that were once only available in green and khaki to a more sophisticated pattern of elongated splashes of shades of pink.  The top designers have put their names on some of the most complementary colors bringing camouflage to the bedroom for every age group and every gender.

Little girls want to be just like Mom and Dad but most of them want to keep the feminine touch.  Pink camouflage bedding for girls is a big hit this year.  Parents love it because it allows the little girl to decorate her room in a subdued military pattern while keeping it totally feminine.

The blends of shades of pink offer the opportunity to pick up on the hot pinks or the pastel shades.  In some cases the little girl may opt for solid color sheets and a camouflage comforter.  In other cases she may wish to have pink camouflage sheets and a solid color comforter.  With so many choices there is a pink camouflage bedding set that will suit your little girl.

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