Pink Window Curtains- Nice or Tacky?

Pink is a color that many people have mixed feelings about. Getting pink window curtains could be nice or it could be an eyesore. It is a very delicate color that you would have to use very wisely. It can not be used anywhere anytime. In fact it is such a pretty color that it might steal the show. When it is used anywhere it will be the main attraction or the center of attention. You cannot just go out and say you’re going to get pink curtains, because there are several things you should think about first. If you really want it to work well think about a pattern, shade, and design.

You are asking for a very tricky color because it’s  many different shades have different character. Pink can be loud, it can be pretty, it can be hot, wild, elegant, modern, boring, stylish, tacky and it can be very calm. Some of the different variations are light pink, deep pink, bright, brink, carnation, pale, cherry blossom and more.  Decide whether you want your home window curtains to stand out and be the most stylish thing in the room or maybe you just want something quiet to blend in.

The design of the pattern can also make a difference. Some patterns like stripes can even make a loud color seem bolder. There are some pinks like dark pink that are very stylish when coupled up with black. These two tones are very attractive for teen girls these days because it has gives a mysterious Twilight look without being too pretty.

Because of its many characteristics pink should always be used with caution. Decorating a newborn baby girl’s room  with a very soft pale pink window curtains would be most suitable. A female toddler might enjoy different shades of pink with flowers or a checkered pattern. Although it can work in many rooms pink window curtains are not ideal for a living room because it is not a formal color unless it is done professionally.

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