Pool Shock Removes Swimming Pool Algae Quickly And Effectively

Picture this: you’ve got friends coming around and you’ve just checked your pool to find the water has turned slimy and green. Not good news. But before you panic and call off the party, follow the steps laid out in this article. Hopefully you’ll be able to get the problem resolved quickly and effectively.

There are three main types of algae grow in pool water. Green algae is the most common, and also the easiest to get rid of.  It tends to be free floating in the pool water. Yellow and black forms of algae are hardest to kill as they cling to pool surfaces with strong penetrating roots and have developed strong resistance to common algaecides.

  • Your first step should be to shock treat your swimming pool. Add a powerful chlorine based shock treatment and run the filtration system for several hours to ensure the chlorine is evenly distributed.  Ideally, add the shock treatment out of direct sunlight as UV light causes chlorine to degrade.  Poolshock.net has more information on pool shock products and their application.
  • Add a pool clarifier or flocculant to the water. This will help you get rid of any suspended microscopic algal particles that are too small for your main filter system to get rid off. Flocculation chemicals help clump the contaminants together into larger particles. These will fall to the floor where you can vacuum them away.
  • You may also have to brush down pool walls and surfaces. This is particularly the case if you have algae clinging to these surfaces. Once you’re done, vacuum the pool. For a hands off approach to pool vacuum cleaning check out this Blue Pearl pool cleaner review.
  • It’s a good idea to add an algaecide. While many of the products on the market are preventative, there are some products that are useful for destroying algae once this takes hold in your swimming pool. Ensure you use the right product. Generally speaking polyquat algaecides or those that contain metals such as copper or silver are the most effective.
  • If the algae remain after these steps it could be due to high levels of phosphate (a food source for many algal strains) in the water.  Take a reading and if this proves to be the case add a phosphate remover.

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Written by the staff at PoolShock.net

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