The Most Popular Types of Resin Plastic Patio Furniture

Today, plastic patio furniture is much more than the flimsy white and green chairs and tables that your mother set outside whenever there were guests.  Resin plastic patio furniture utilizes new methods of construction and new types of plastics to provide you with a higher quality, more durable, and even classier type of patio furniture.  Here are a few of the most popular types of this wonderful furniture on

A more modern looking piece of resin wicker furniture.

the market today.

The most popular and affordable type of resin furniture is arguably wicker patio furniture.  This furniture is made from a resin-based plastic, not actually wicker, but is constructed the same way that indoor wicker bathroom furniture would be.  It is great for nearly all patios and provides you with the same comfort that you get from indoor wicker furniture, but in a more durable package.  Coupled with an attractive furniture cushion, it gives you a cozy piece of summery furniture for your patio.

Another very popular type of resin furniture are known as Adirondack chairs.  These chairs have a high, slightly reclined back and armrests that make them great for sitting and enjoying a drink or two or just sitting outside and relaxing.  While you can find these chairs in wood designs as well as resin-based, resin based chairs will provide you with less splinters and more strength and durability.

Tables are another staple of outdoor furniture and should not be overlooked when it comes to resin-based furniture either.  There are several advantages to having a resin table over a wooden one, but the main difference is the ability of the resin table to hold up to weather and stains better.  While you may have to repaint, stain, or otherwise protect your wooden table once every year or two, your plastic table won’t require any maintenance and it will even resist spills much better than normal tables!

Resin furniture is a great option for any outdoor patio for its durability, comfort, and style.  Start looking for some that you can use on your patio today.

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