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Many people look for things in life that bring them happiness, with some turning to food, some  to alcohol, and a large majority toward sleeping. Out of the list of items mentioned, though, only one of these activities can be engaged in non-stop without any negative effects, really: sleeping. Think about it for a few seconds. How is your sleeping arrangement? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up restless? Are your back areas, shoulders, legs, or arms stiff when you get up?

If sleeping is causing you too much pain, it is time to switch to another type of bed: a queen-size platform bed. The platform bed has been around for many years, as they provide an enjoyable, old way of sleeping that offers a person one  simple, yet elegant frame and one mattress, with most of their pieces  being constructed of wood and metal. Queen-size beds, of course, are the standard sizes in a person’s master bedroom, and they offer a lot of sleeping space. Here is an added bonus: they do not take up much area in a bedroom, either. The queen-sized beds come in a variety of styles, colors, and themes; below is a list of some of the most popular types of queen platform bed on the contemporary market:

1) The Africa Mahogany Queen-Sized Bed: This bed is made for those individuals who want to be African safari travel guides! It offers a rustic, yet bold enticement, complete with the most beautiful mahogany. The headboard is of a leather material, while the rest of the bed’s frame is of the majestic mahogany wood.

2) The Alba Leather Queen-Sized Bed: This type of bed is durable, gorgeous, and friendly to all  contemporary environments. Manufactured from white ecoleather, and it brings a sophisticated, yet awe-striking appeal to anyone’s bedroom. It is recommended for modern bedrooms, but it probably will fit in many settings.

3) The Broadway Queen-Sized Bed: This bed set will instantly change your bedroom into one of New York’s hotel rooms, as if it were overlooking a stage drama. The platform beds simultaneously provide a classic appeal and contemporary glare. Finally, it emphasizes a contemporary bedroom.

4) The Christopher Storage Queen-Sized Bed: It is made of solid poplar and has under-bed storage drawers for more space; also, it has a headboard full of shelves for books and other essentials! All pieces are completed in espresso.

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