Quick Tips For Choosing Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a versatile choice for decorating a home. In one step, homeowners can add texture, color and pattern to a room’s ambiance. Ask any interior designer who knows what he or she is doing and they will say that wallpaper is vastly superior to paint. It can even mimic the effects of clay plaster wall treatments. Unfortunately, its not as easy and cheap to put up and that is the reason why it is typically avoided by many DIYers.

textured wallpaperNevertheless, if you are a homeowner who has some style and pizazz then some designer paper is just what you are looking for. The options are endless. If you do decide to go this route, the following tips will help ensure that the best wallpaper is chosen for the desired effects.


The first step in buying wallpaper is to take the space into consideration. Wallpapers with larger patterns can be challenging to work with because depending on room dimensions, they can be difficult to match up correctly and look good.

Installation of more exotic wall coverings is often best left to professionals or others with plenty of experience hanging wallpaper. For an easier time, beginners may want to go for a wallpaper that doesn’t require paste to hang. This way, installation will be faster and far less messy.

A huge range of visual effects can be created with the variety of wall coverings available. Bigger rooms can be made to appear cozier by choosing a wallpaper with a large pattern. In tiny rooms, a smaller print can actually make the space seem bigger.

Of course, you can also hang wallpaper on a single wall in a room to add boldness to the area of your choosing, or you can hang a loud wall covering to really make a statement.

Vertical designs, such as stripes, can make low ceilings appear higher, and horizontal stripes can bring a ceiling down visually and make the room appear wider. To enhance the size and brightness of a room, lighter wallpapers can be used, but darker colors will make a large room feel smaller.

Wall coverings are available in a huge variety of styles, such as single-color, floral patterns, shapes, textures and even materials. With the rise in eco-friendly home design, there are also green wallpapers that can satisfy the more environmentally conscious homeowner.

Naturally, choosing the perfect one can be difficult. To make this easier, collect several samples or pictures of favorite wallpapers and review them regularly until you eventually narrow them down to a single style.

Be sure to consider the way you envision your home. Are you interested in a refined, modern look, or a grungy, antiqued style? Jazzy shape-based patterns could promote a slick new look while a traditional floral pattern will help create an old-fashioned motif.

Meanwhile, textured wallcoverings will give a unique light-and-shadow effect to the rooms you install them in. No matter which type you choose, designer wallpaper will enhance your enjoyment of the decorating experience. Unique effects are right at your fingertips with wallpaper, and re-papering is always a breeze if your tastes change over time.

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