Choosing a Quilt Cover

As winter comes around again it’s time to start thinking about quilt cover sets for your bed. You might leave it to the last minute and rush to the nearest store without having any idea about what you exactly need and often end up buying the wrong kind of quilt cover. This is why many people now plan ahead when choosing a quilt cover.

It is important to know that not all mattresses and bed frames are of standard size. For example, many people think that by purchasing a queen quilt cover that it will fit any queen size bed and mattress, but this is not always the case. In fact, queen duvet covers come in more than four different sizes. This is why it is a good idea to get the exact dimensions of the bed by measuring it before you visit the store.  Obviously, if you need a double duvet cover, one would hope that you wouldn’t just try to throw a queen size on and just let it hang more.  This simply doesn’t look right because it doesn’t fit.

Style and Design

Apart from sizing, this is probably the most important thing when choosing a quilt cover. You should ensure that the cover matches your bedroom decor so that your quilt cover doesn’t look out of place in your bedroom. Some people choose to take along color swatches when they go shopping to help them correctly match the colors and designs.

Cotton quilt covers are easy to wash and maintain so they are also very durable and last longer. You can make yourself cotton covers if you want to feel warmth and feel green at the same time because cotton fabric is eco-friendly in nature and are also organic so you don’t have to worry about anything synthetic spoiling the green concept of your home.  Cotton shams can look every bit as elegant as more costly covers also.

Silk quilt covers are also made of natural fiber and thereby retain their shine over a longer period. You can definitely cozy up to a pair of silk covers as they are very smooth and warm. However, silk covers are fairly high on maintenance so you better be ready to follow specific laundry instruction while washing them.

Other Materials
There are also polycotton and flannel quilt covers but they are synthetic in nature and can be quite heavy. So it’s better to opt for something that suits your skin because often quilt covers lead to allergies and you have to be careful while choosing the right kind of fabric.

Once you have measured the mattress and decided on the fabric you can visit the store to purchase your quilt cover. The size of the cover, as touched on above, will be one of the biggest factors affecting price.  As in, that single duvet will cost less than the queen to make.  Be prepared to spend somewhere between $100-$500 for your quilt cover depending on the quality, brand name and material.

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