Range Hoods: Modern and Retro Designs For The Kitchen

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen design plans, for your renovation project, one of the crucial factors to consider is the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small than you will need to maximize every bit of space you have. This will mean avoiding using large items or appliances as these can quickly fill the space you have available.

Many of the retro items you find are perfect for the smaller kitchen, such as those found in apartments whilst the more modern designs tend to be larger and more suitable for big ranch style kitchens. If you are able to deign your own kitchen from scratch then these issues are well worth considering and incorporated into the plans.

In a lot of modern styled kitchens, the current vogue is with stainless steel appliances with a large island in the middle with beautiful matching stainless steel range hoods sitting atop. Due to the modern and lavish designs, however, they are usually quite expensive. In general, though, they are very easy to clean due to the steel surfaces.

Cleaning and ease of cleaning is an important aspect to think about, especially if you run a busy household and have children. Another popular choice, which is easy to clean, is glass. It can, however, sometimes scratch and can be very expensive to replace should it break.

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A perfect way to use a small space is to fit a retro style kitchen. You will often find that the tables used are small and have high back chairs that fit snugly around the table. It is also a cheaper arrangement than using heavy oak furniture or installing a booth type arrangement. If cleaning is your worry, then fitting splash-backs and a nice checkered floor tiling scheme can resolve this issue. This type of look is also a lot less expensive to achieve.

In many of the retro kitchen designs, the appliances used are often small and some, such as the dishwasher, may not be included at all. In some truly ‘period-style’ designs, a kitchen range hood is a difficult addition to include that blends well.  This may be a problem for some and not for others. If you do decide on a retro style, however, it is worth being accurate and authentic with your design.

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