Reclaim Your Personal Space: A Guide To Bedroom Lighting

A bedroom can be many things. It can be a relaxing escape perfect for reading or napping after a tough workday. It can be a romantic retreat for special time with your sweetheart. Perhaps you get ready for the day in your bedroom, or even have it double as a work area with a desk tucked in the corner to save space.

You can see a variety of lighting ideas or designs here: natural, recessed, lamps and shelf.

You can see a variety of lighting ideas or designs here: natural, recessed, lamps and shelf.

A bedroom can be many things, but when it has bad lighting, it loses the tranquility, the passion, the practicality everything (except for maybe being a good place to close your eyes).


If you’re still using a single ceiling fixture, or looking for inspiration to upgrade your personal space, read on to discover the magic that awaits you with fabulous bedroom lighting.

There are 3 concepts to consider when lighting your bedroom: versatility, lifestyle, and personal taste.


Even if your house has a different room for every occasion, I guarantee you’ll want to use your boudoir for more than just sleeping. Therefore, your lights should do more than just turn off and on. There are 2 things you need to make the lights in your room more versatile:

  • Add a Dimmer. When you can adjust your bedroom’s light level with the touch of a button, you can change it from a peaceful place for pillow talk to an invigorating room to wake up in just like that!
  • Consider Light Layers. This is ultimate rule in lighting design for any room. Adding accent lamps, reading lights, picture lights, and other decorative fixtures will help you customize the room’s light to suit your needs.


Ultimately, we have lights in our homes to help us see – to enhance the way we live, but if your light (or lack thereof) is getting in your way, you owe it to yourself to make a change! There are several easy upgrades you can make, depending on what you want in a bedroom.

  • If you enjoy curling up with a good book for a cozy evening in bed, dealing with shadows can totally harsh on your mellow. For you, it’s probably worth it to invest in a bedside reading lamp.
  • For a bedroom that doubles as a workspace, the soft ambient light you like in the evenings might not work for you during the day. You’d definitely benefit from some task lights, like a desk lamp or some bright table lamps to liven up the area.
  • And of course, we can’t neglect the closet! If you have time to spare in the morning, it might be all right to rifle through a dark closet. But for a person on the go? You don’t have a minute to lollygag. Adding some simple shelf lighting to your closet will help you stay organized, and putting the lights on a motion sensor will mean you won’t even have to fumble for a switch in the morning’s wee hours.

3.Personal Taste

A bedroom is every person’s most intimate space, so if yours doesn’t reflect your favorite styles, it’s time to take action! Here are a few dazzling ideas:

  • If you prefer a romantic look, adding some soft, twinkly string lights wrapped around your headboard or draped behind a sheer curtain will add just the right amount of magic.
  • For a clean, sophisticated look, you could install some low-profile lights to highlight architectural elements in the room. Think puck lights to illuminate shelves or niches, or light strips hidden in coves or over archways.
  • Adding a chandelier to the bedroom in a neutral color works to enhance a traditional sense of style. One in a brighter hue would be perfect for someone with more eclectic tastes.

Written by Annie Josey of Pegasus Lighting, an online lighting retailer. She is always ready to encourage and inspire her readers with thoughts and advice about lighting design.

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