Two Remodeling Tips To Save Money: Carpet Remnants, Oops Paint

If you have some home remodeling or a bathroom renovation to do, there are a few tips you may not have thought of that can save you some cash.

Carpet Remnants

Most people have heard of the carpet remnant but pass on the thought of using them for remodeling. The idea that they’re less than high quality carpet isn’t necessarily true. Quite contrary, most remnants are as good as the original carpet; which is often high quality.

Carpet mills often cut off excess (as much as 20 feet) when producing carpet. These leftovers are then sold as discount carpet remnants to local warehouses or carpet retailers where they’re sold at discount prices. The key to finding the right remnants is patience and the willingness to settle for something less than the perfect color or pattern.

Remnants are also left over from large installation jobs. Many times these carpets are high quality used in office remodels and are quality olefin carpet created to withstand high traffic areas. These remnants are great for basements or high traffic recreation areas in your home.  You can also find some indoor outdoor carpet pieces if you look for them.  The key to getting all of these installed without obvious seams is a good installer.

The best way to find remnants is to check your local carpet warehouse and retailers. Be willing to check back often as they will continue to obtain different remnant sizes, patterns, colors, and pile type. If looking for carpet remnants online, be aware of shipping costs as carpet is heavy and shipping costs can often be more than the cost of the carpet itself.

The Secret of Oops Paint

Even paint mixing professional make mistakes. Or in some cases, home owners change their mind on color and return paint to where they originally purchased it. Walk into any paint or home store and ask if they have any “oops”paint. Chances are they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

This is basically a “you get what you see” type of purchase.  Although, if you like the color, most newer paints have the mixing formula code on top and the person in the paint department can likely make you up another gallon or more to help you finish your project.  While it might not be that environmentally-friendly low VOC paint you are looking for, it might be just what you need for a small space.   As with the carpet remnant, you may have to settle for a less then perfect color but you will find amazing deals this way.

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