Restoration or Reproduction Cast Iron Victorian Radiators

The internet would be the best place to start if you want your old cast iron radiator restored or you want to buy an already restored Victorian cast iron radiator.  Even if you were thinking about buying a reproduction of some Victorian radiators the internet is the source to browse.  Online, you can find many companies that specialize in restoration of old radiators. They often have some photographs of different styles of radiator available for your choosing. Most restoration companies have standard colors in stock – black, bronze and cream. You may even have a radiator painted according to the color of your choice at an additional cost.

However, you may do the restoration of your old cast iron radiator yourself. Just remember that these radiators are heavy so you might need some help from a friend or two to carry it outside. Sandblasting the unit must be done in order to remove the paint and rust. To make it a lot easier on your part, you can have the radiator sandblasted at an auto machine shop. This would likely get rid of paint and rust on hard to reach areas of your central heating radiators. After sandblasting, you should cover the radiator with a zinc primer. When the primer has dried, apply a layer of oil-based, temperature-resistant paint. Once this has dried, apply a second coating. Reinstall the radiator and turn it on. Open your windows for a while so you can get rid of the smell of paint.

A reproduction of a Victorian radiator still produces heat, though they may lack the elegance and quality of the original radiator. A reproduction allows you to add any specifications you would like. You can have an American Radiator Company 1890s model with decorative vines, lions, dragons or cherubs. You can have a copy of a steam radiator from France with an intricate daisy design.

You may opt to buy an already restored Victorian radiator. Victorian radiators have become a popular interior design trend. These Victorian radiators can be dated back to the 1830s, yet they are still comfortable with any modern central heating systems. The position and the size of the valves (either 15mm or 22mm) of the Victorian radiator must first be established in order to make it compatible with any modern central heating system.  Modern styles of oil heaters often lack that aged look and charm of times past, but they do provide for more efficient heating at times.  You can always opt for your choice of radiator covers to hide the look but not the function of your unsightly radiator.

There are many options for you to choose from. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a cast iron radiator that will complement your home – functional and stylish at the same time.

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