Retro Bar Stools Look Great In A Home Bar

The classics never seem to go out of style. One of those classics that never seems to go out of style is the retro bar stool.  Retro bar stools are stools designed to look like the stools in historic bars and diners. Many people like them because they look like the decor seen in popular TV shows and old movies. Others enjoy them because they are nostalgic for their youth.

American Retro

A typical retro bar stool is a basic metal bar stool with a red leather seat. People love this stool because it looks like the ones from 1950s diners. Another classic is a backless metal bar stool with a brown leather seat. This looks much like the stools found in bars in the mid 20th century.

Many bars, diners and railroad dining cars of the 20th century featured swivel bar stools. These are stools with seats that turned. Quite a few people loved sitting on these when they were kids and will like sitting on them today.

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Wooden Retro

Another kind of nostalgia is found in wooden bar stools and pub furniture. This furniture tries to create the British pub rather than the American diner. Many people like this style because of its rugged simplicity.  Those of British heritage like pub bar stools and pub furniture because it may remind them of their roots. Others may just enjoy a simple yet classic look.  Common styles, like oak bar stools, can last quite some time because of the density of the wood itself.

French Retro

Another kind of retro that appeals to those with more sophisticated tastes is French bar stools. French bistro stools are designed to look like the seating in Paris cafes and France’s country bistros.

Since they are more elegant these retro seats can actually be used for formal or semi formal dining. They can also serve as an alternative to basic wooden bar stools.

Uses of Retro

Interestingly enough many people love to combine retro bar styles with modern or contemporary kitchen decor. They may put pub furniture including tables and stools in a kitchen furnished with modern stainless steel appliances and granite worktops and counters.  Others may try to recreate a bar complete with leather swivel stools in a loft apartment. Such retro style is appealing and fun.

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