Revamp Your Home With Reupholstered Furniture

Do you have old couches, chairs, and other furniture that you are ready to toss away? Don’t throw them out just yet. Did you know that you can still use them to decorate your home? Even if the upholstery is already worn out, a simple reupholstery job will really do the trick.

Reupholstering furniture will not only save you money from buying new pieces but will also help save the environment by minimizing waste and adding to the trash in our landfills. And if the furniture pieces are antique or have great

reupholstered furniture

Just imagine what you could do with these nice pieces to bring them a more modern look.

sentimental value, you save yourself from the hard decision of throwing them away. Better yet, you may find one of these antique or ‘pre-shabby-chic’ pieces in a garage or estate sale.


Pick your Own Color

What’s great about reupholstering furniture is bringing new life to your older pieces.  They say that paint can be a very inexpensive way to give your room a whole new look.  This is just as true about upholstery work.  Sure, it can be a bit more expensive than paint, but the finished product will create lots of wow factor.

You can also choose a color for the fabric to match the overall design and color of the room you are intending to use the furniture in. For instance, you can choose a fabric that is contrasting the color of the walls of the bedroom to make the furniture really pop. You can even choose a fabric color that will contrast with the rest of the room in a modern and trendy way.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, bold patterns and bright colors can work well together, even if they don’t match in the ‘old-fashioned’ sort of way. You can choose large patterns for big rooms and small patterns for small bedrooms so the furniture will best work with the size of the room. We’ve discussed this in other articles regarding the appropriate proportions and space in a room as well as the topic of upholstered headboards.

Pick your Own Fabric

Depending on how you’ll use the furniture, you can choose a fabric to reupholster it with to get the best use out of it. For instance, you can choose linen or silk if you will use the furniture for a formal room setup. For furniture pieces that will be used every day, great choices include cotton blend, vinyl, nylon, and the like. If there are children and pets at home, you can choose a fabric that is easy to wipe clean, such as microfiber, linen, leather, and cotton.

You’ll find that reupholstery costs are not that high, especially if you are willing and able to do the project yourself. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest and from many home decorating magazines, too. Reupholstering furniture is simply recycling items within your home. In the end, not only is there nothing wrong with reusing and re-purposing your older furniture, it’s actually a very eco-friendly option. Send us a picture when you finish your project and we will post it here for all to marvel!

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