Roof Service: Is It A Waste Of Money?

Is it a waste of money to call the professionals every time you have some sort of issue with your roof? Could you take care of the problem yourself in most cases? Whether you’ve got an outdoor patio roof issue that you want to take care of before the summer season or you’re thinking about the possibility of a more extensive problem with your home’s roof, there are some options you can handle yourself.

Roof Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Your number one precaution, to avoid constant and costly roof service, is to perform proper and regular maintenance of your roof. Most of the tasks that fall under this description, are quite simple to perform, so you should have a chance of success here. The most importance ones are to do with cleaning:

Clean out the rain gutters at least two times a year – more if you can see it is needed.  Keep the surface of the roof clean from moss and lichen, as well as different kinds of debris like twigs, branches, dead leaves, etc.

Doing this, you help the roof construction drain away rainwater which would otherwise penetrate the outer roofing materials and damage the woodwork, your ceiling, etc.

Roofing Service: Immediate Savings Versus the Long Term

Did you discover a leak in your roof and want to fix it yourself? Well, maybe you could. I would say, that most roofs made with roofing sheets – and that aren’t insulated or complex in any way – can likely be fixed by the homeowner. But if you have clay tiles, slate or shingles, and your roof is insulated, there is a much larger chance of making fatal mistakes. You could cause more bad than good.

Even though you might save some money, short term, by doing it yourself, you don’t have to make many mistakes for that money to be lost – and then some. Hiring a pro roof service is always costlier, when viewed in isolation, but doing the same thing twice, because you messed it up the first time, quickly ends up costing as much – or more.  So, to answer the question in the title: No – it is not a waste of money to hire a roofer for repairs. Just don’t throw money at the simple maintenance tasks outlined above – but do them yourself.

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