Get the Rustic Look with a Round Kitchen Table in Your Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook can be a difficult thing to fill up. The name of the area begs for a table and some chairs to be placed there but when you are dealing with such confined spaces it can be difficult to find the right piece of furniture and the right style decor. There are two different kinds of breakfast nooks and one is easier to buy furniture for than the other but no matter which one you have you will have to take measurements and see how your little nook stacks up against some of the various kitchen table set options.

The first type of breakfast nook is often found in Victorian style homes. Usually it will be a recessed version at the edge of the room and the walls will be lined with windows. If you are lucky your breakfast nook will face out into a beautiful view like a garden or flowerbed but if you’re like most of us it will just face the busy street and more similar houses. No matter what it faces you can put it to good use by adding a rustic round kitchen table to it.

Rustic decor is perfect for older Victorian model homes because those are rustic on the outside already. For seating arrangements you can use the recessed windowsills of your nook to create a comfy little bench. Station a small rustic round kitchen table in front of that cushioning and then hem it in with two matching chairs. Now you can eat your breakfast and gaze out the window at whatever it is you happen to face.

The other style of breakfast nook is a little more depressing than the first. Instead of beautiful open windows and recessed sills you get a little closet sized hall jutting out and away from your main kitchen. Generally, you can put just about any round kitchen table and chair set in there if it will fit and it will look good. Another option would be to purchase a corner 36 round kitchen table that has benches flush to the wall. At least then you will have more space.

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