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If you have found this article by a search through your local search engine, then you probably are already familiar with what makes paint ‘safe’ or not.  What we are talking about is not whether they are approved or rated so by the government standards.  We all know that things can get approved and then recalled later for obvious safety issues.  Paint used to have lead, remember that?  Some painted toys still come up for recall even today.  These toys are usually manufactured in other countries as our standards make the used of lead-based paint illegal, but it is still an issue in older homes that were painted prior to the regulations.

However, this article is not addressing lead in paint, but rather the level of other toxic agents that are used in most paints sold for home and commercial use.  The term is volatile organic compounds or VOC for short.  This term describes what it is in the paints that causes them to be not only noxious but potentially harmful as well.  There is debate as to whether the low volatile organic compound paint is actually safer or healthier for you.  This is not too surprising.  Any time that there are health claims for or against any commonly used product or service, there are sure to be spokespeople that come forward to defend the company.  This is common practice.

Do VOC containing Paints Pose Health Problems or Is This About Common Sense?

What we are discussing here is not whether they are open to liability claims or anything for health problems, but just whether or not low VOC paints are a better idea in general.  If you subscribe to the notion that these chemical agents can likely cause more harm to the planet or the inhabitants of a home than not, then why have them in it, then we are in agreement.  Eco-friendly products don’t need to be harder or uglier than their toxic counterparts.  The way we see it, with the strides made in the manufacturing of these low or no VOC paints, you can get them in any color and sheen that you would the more standard paints.  You may pay slightly more, but this is only a matter of time as well.  Soon, all paints will likely be no or low VOC.  Stores like Home Depot and Lowes already carry these paints available to the homeowner.

You’ll find that these paints are less toxic to work with and cause you less of a problem with the noxious fumes.  Some people are extremely sensitive to chemicals and actually have problems health-wise because of such issues.  While this may not apply to you, there are likely more benefits of a ‘cleaner’ and ‘safer’ paint than there are by using one with the organic compounds in it.  Especially if you are going to be using them in the bedroom, non-toxic is best.  Imagine all those fumes you are breathing in with this one bedroom decorating project.  This is not the half of it.  Your bedroom furniture was likely made with a lot of these toxic agents as well.  Your mattress too, you bet.  Once you combine all these compounds together, you can get an idea how committing to using low VOC paints can contribute much to the health of you and your home.

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