Safety Conversions For Your Grandma’s Bathroom

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Falls in the home are the main cause of injury amongst people over the age of 65. Sadly, this can often lead to serious injuries which majorly affect the patient’s independence and freedom of movement, or in some cases these falls can also result in fatalities.

walk in bath tubLuckily, there are ways of converting your own or your loved one’s bathroom in order to give you peace of mind and ensure their safety. Walk in bath tubs are the most popular safety solution amongst the elderly, and there are many benefits which come with installing one.


Benefits of Installing a Walk-in Tub


If you have limited mobility in one or both of your legs, then climbing into your bath can be very difficult, especially if you haven’t installed grab bars in order to steady yourself. If your arms are strong enough to support your weight, then grab bars might be enough for your bathroom.

However, if you want a tub which eliminates the risk of slipping, a walk in tub is the perfect solution for you. A walk in tub doesn’t have high sides that you need to climb over; it has an easy-open door which you can open to step into the bath.


You don’t need to wait for a family member or carer to help you into the bath – you can now bathe independently. Rather than having to wait for someone to help you, a walk in tub gives you more freedom in the bathroom where you don’t have to worry about the risk of falling and you can wash unaccompanied.

Take up Less Room

Not many people own a really big bathroom, and one of the great benefits of a walk in bath is their size. They are usually much more compact than a standard bath, and therefore leave you with much more room as well as a range of choices of size, height and water capacity.


Where a standard tub would be quite difficult to lower yourself into, a walk in tub can do this for you. Most walk in models have in-built seats which lower you into the water, providing comfort as you bathe and also saving you energy.

For those with a lack of mobility, sitting on the specially designed chairs also provide a comfortable solution for bathing whether you want to lower the chair into the water or use the showerhead.

You can’t ignore these wonderful benefits – keep them in mind and make your bathroom a little more accessible for your loved ones.

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