Selecting The Right Dinnerware Set For You

When it comes to selecting which dinnerware set to buy, there is a lot that one needs to consider. As you probably already know, glasses and plates can come in a whole array of different shapes, styles and colors. Plus, they are made from a variety of materials from plastic to stainless steel. There are a lot of choices out, and in order to help lift the veil of confusion that hangs over every first time buyer, I have made a quick, straight-to-the-point list of 3 questions that every buyer should ask themselves before making a big purchase.

A simple, yet elegant setting.

First and foremost, you’ve got to ask yourself a few objective questions. Are you looking to dress to impress? Or are you intending on using the set for a more casual, informal occasions? Although there are select ranges out there that complement both style and practicality, from my experience you can quite often end up compromising one for the other. It’s a delicate balance.

Materials – what are the differences?

Dining room plates are often made out of three main materials. First of all we have bone porcelain china, which is the English form of porcelain. Noted for its relative strength and durability, bone china is mainly renowned though for its ability to be molded into the most intricate of shapes. It can also be decorated with a high range of colors, which is a property that the other materials struggle to compete with.

Our second material is stoneware, which is the strongman of the dining room world. Strong, hard, tough, as well being oven, freezer and dishwasher durable, this is the most obvious choice for modern families. However, stoneware is also thick and heavy and can only be decorated in a limited number of colors, so “style” is somewhat compromised if you purchase this.

Last but not least though, we have porcelain which is a very fine form of pottery. Like bona china, porcelain is delicate to feel as well as being relatively strong. Porcelain is also a lot cheaper than bone china in terms of price, but whether the quality is the same is another question entirely.

What about the design of the set?

The fickle bunch that we are, people are very perceptive and judgmental when it comes to viewing and using other people’s possessions. First impressions are paramount, especially when you’re in the business of hosting guests and clients for a living. It’s important to obtain a set of distinguished dinnerware that complements as well harmonizes and blends with the general surrounding of your home.

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