Selecting the Right Outdoor Wall Sconce for Your Decor

Lighting is the finishing touch when doing any form of housing design; outside lighting is no exceptions. In particular, the outdoor sconce provides the opportunity to add soft ambient lighting to your overall design. The subtle lighting that these wall-mounted lights provide can provide either accent to desirable features or redirect the eye away from the less desirable aspects of your home and garden.

The number of available designs for this type of outdoor lighting has grown exponentially. Where once the standard black lantern sconce stood alone, there is now a whole spectrum of lights available. The styles range from classic to chic brushed metal surfaces, offering clean and modern looks to the exterior of your home.

If your home is truly your castle, this scone is the perfect fit!

An outdoor wall sconce selection can make a significant style statement. Integrated scroll work, animal motifs, shear tubes of light, the wide variety that each fixture offers a different avenue for expression and emphasis to the overall landscape. Previously limited by the availability of alternating current power, the advent of solar powered outside lights has given a new flexibility to the use of sconce style lights outdoors.

These new rechargeable units are a quantum improvement over the stake lights that come to mind at the mention of solar powered lighting. The improvements in battery life and design mean that a sconce can add its soft glow virtually anywhere along any wall, with a flexibility and ease of installation not offered by hardwired versions. Not just for dusk anymore, many of these lights provide emphasis and visibility until morning.

The key to outdoor light design harmony is to select all your exterior lights at once, making conscious choices about what to match and where to deviate in design. When you mismatch by design, it is clear and leads support to the overall design. Mismatching out of necessity becomes an annoyance for the life of that light.

Regardless of your budget, there is a sconce-style lighting option that can work for your. From under $20 to several hundreds per unit, the outdoor lighting market has a spectrum of options custom designed for your project.

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