Selecting Patio Furniture To Meet Your Needs

Choosing outdoor furniture can be quite a chore if you don’t have something in mind before you head out to your local patio or desk supply store.  I highly suggest you take time and look at photos online and decide upon a general idea of the type of outdoor sofa, patio chairs and tables you really want otherwise you’ll get completely overwhelmed by the large variety of products on the market.  For me, the wife was the biggest decision maker I had to please and she wanted a complete matching suite of patio furniture to make the deck much like our living room.   We were looking for not only a nice table and umbrella set but also a complete complement of sitting chairs, end tables and plant stands to complete our patio scape.

Living in the Northern part of the country we had some big obstacles to deal with in selecting our patio furniture.  It had to hold up to the elements like wind, rain, and the beating summer sun.  That lightweight plastic patio furniture just wouldn’t do.  Often finding deck furniture that is heavy enough not to blow away made of material that won’t fade or get damaged by rain means that you have to sacrifice comfort.  There is nothing worse than standing up from a nice relaxing chair in your outdoor living space to find that your skin stayed stuck behind.  Many of the materials used to make cushions for patio furniture gets extremely hot, is overly rough or just flat out so stiff you don’t want to sit on it at all.

We decided after hours of shopping to sacrifice some of the longevity of the cushions that comes with the more weather resistant deck furniture and decided on a nice light cotton fabric covered cushion for our outdoor furniture.   That being said it looked great, was very soft and comfortable to sit on however it was far more expensive, required much more attention and obviously isn’t going to last as long.  We cleared out room in our storage shed to accommodate all the cushions when not in use.  I added some nice hangers and a shelf or two where we could put all the patio cushions when the weather turned bad or we weren’t going to be using them for an extended period of time.  We keep them right next to our patio furniture covers for the off season.

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