Sew Your Own Patio Furniture Covers

Whether your furniture is brand-new or pre-owned, making your own patio furniture covers is a fun and inexpensive way to protect or glamorize your furniture when not in use. Making your own is cheaper than buying new covers, and it saves you hours of searching for and contemplating the perfect set.

Patio furniture covers are used to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Therefore, they are made from slick, waterproof polyester with a soft cloth back. You can get fabric like this in the outdoor upholstery section of fabric stores or online fabric stores. Looking online for your fabric gives you the best variety, so you can find a unique color or pattern that is to your taste. To be sure you buy enough for your whole set, you may want to make your sewing patterns first.  If you’ve got some resin plastic patio furniture, then going through all this work will likely not interest you.  But, for those fine teak pieces or other wooden and iron furniture sets, this idea will save you money.

The easiest way to make your sewing patterns is by cutting apart old covers that you would like to replace and adding seam allowance to the edges. If you don’t have covers like this already, you may want to make them by tracing or measuring your furniture. Again, don’t forget to add a half-inch seam allowance to all edges. A good material to use for making your patterns is large blank newsprint. When you think you are finished with your patterns, cut them out and check by taping your pattern pieces to your furniture and making adjustments as needed.

Once you have your patterns, you will need to find out the width of the fabric you will be buying. Arrange your pattern pieces into this width, leaving as little gap as possible, and then measure the total length of the pieces. Include the multiple cuts from a single pattern piece in your length. Make a small drawing to show how you arranged the pieces, for future reference. Convert your result to yards, and then finally buy that fabric! A common issue with large products is not getting enough fabric, so you might want to buy an extra half-yard to give yourself some wiggle room. When you get your fabric, use your drawing to help you arrange your pattern. All that is left is to cut and sew your covers.

Now, admire your finished patio furniture covers! By making your own, you’ve saved about $100; a set of 7 pieces for $40 each costs $280 total, while 10 yards of fabric is about $180. You even found the perfect color and pattern to express yourself, all year round. Little is better than the feeling of a job well done.

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