Shedding New Light On Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters may not be the first options that come to mind when redesigning a room. But, if you’re concerned with lighting in your space, it’s time to think again. Subtle and often forgotten, they can completely change the lighting and mood of your space. By looking into material features, louver direction, and the numerous options available, you can enhance your space with this one simple feature.

 blinds and shutters_lightingMaterial features

The materials you choose for your blinds and shutters affect how the rest of the room looks. If you decide on wood shutters, Plantation shutters can give you a unique look that lets in more light at once. The distance between louvers affects the amount of light that enters the room.


Fabric blinds, on the other hand, have an entirely different feature. The option of opacity gives you privacy will allowing natural light into the room. Depending on the level of sheer, you can create a bright glow or a shaded atmosphere. The different material features play up the theme and mood.

Louver direction

Separately functioning louvers can give a room a soft glow as well as a one-of-a-kind style. Shutters can be designed to have louvers that are both vertical and horizontal. Utilize this with a design like that of a sunburst at the top of horizontal shutters – especially in an arched window. A unique feature of creative shutter designs is the forms it makes on your room as the sun moves throughout the day. Another plus to separately moving louvers is that you can close shutters towards the bottom of a window and open them at the top for privacy – allowing for natural light to pass.

Numerous options

Just because you have a certain type of window or door, doesn’t mean you are limited to a certain type of window treatmentVertical blinds are often used over sliding doors because of their durability. They come in a variety of colors and materials, giving you the chance to customize how they add to a room’s décor. You can also install blinds for sliding glass doors. With wood or composites, even vinyl shutters, you are carrying a room’s rustic look throughout. Blinds and shutters are both available in different sizes, colors, and materials, giving you more control over how your room feels.

With the unique features of various materials, the versatility of louver direction, and the endless options you have with blinds and shutters, you can get the exact lighting and mood you desire in your rooms. Get creative and explore what the world of window treatments has to offer!

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