Should You Buy Custom Bedroom Furniture?

Many people find buying bedroom furniture to be a major hassle. You need to shop for something nice. You need to make sure it meets your budget. You need to find or negotiate the best possible price. Then you need to arrange for the delivery of the new furniture. And this delivery has to be coordinated with the removal of your old bedroom furniture. Remove the old furniture too early and you may have to sleep on the floor. And your job is still not done – you still need to assemble and put your new bed, wardrobe, and other pieces of furniture in their proper places. Is it any wonder that so many people buy new bedroom furniture only when they first move into a new home but never make any major changes ever again?  Renovating or making over a bedroom?  Bedroom makeovers typically call for new furniture and bedding.

Given all this trouble, doesn’t it make sense to get things right all the way from the beginning? Buying a fitted bedroom furniture package can be convenient, and can offer some cost savings. But there are always trade-offs. There are limitations to what can be done because mass-produced furniture designs are always made to fit the lowest common denominator. This limitations are even more pronounced in the case of flat pack furniture. So what should you do?

Well, since furniture for the bedroom is expensive no matter what you do and since you are unlikely to replace your bed and wardrobe together with the rest of the furniture after you move into your new home, it certainly makes sense to buy custom bedroom furniture. Customize your new furniture to make the best use of all the space in your new bedroom. Make sure it has all the features you need. Get it all done right so that you will not have any regrets even decades after you move in … and of course arrange for the purchase of your furniture items to be included in your housing loan where possible.

When done this way, the extra cost of custom furniture for your home does not feel too burdensome. After all, if you are already borrowing $100,000 from the bank to buy your new house, what’s an extra $1,000 or $2,000? Frankly speaking, unless you live in a big city, custom furniture is not really much more expensive than fitted bedroom furniture. Remember that you are not paying for branding when you buy fully customized furniture. You do not have to contribute to the salary and bonuses of the CEO and executive staff of the furniture manufacturer, you do not have to pay the furniture salesman his commission, and you do not have to pay the advertising agency for the branding of the furniture. Every dollar you spend goes to pay for the skill of the furniture craftsmen and the quality wood they will use to build your unique and personal set.

If you have ever wanted to own oak master bedroom furniture, this is the best time to do it – when you buy your new home and can get the cost of the custom furniture rolled into your housing loan.

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