Shower Curtain Tips

A shower curtain is essential for keeping the rest of your bathroom dry when showering. There is also an aesthetic to this rather simple item.  With so many different styles and shower designs available, it can be a little bit tricky finding the right one for your home. By following these tips it should help you make an informed decision.

The first thing to do is measure the size of the area around the bath tub. If you have a corner tub then you may need a curved shower curtain track. Next you need to measure the height of the room from top to bottom. You don’t want the curtain to be too long as this will drag on the floor. It is much easier if you already have one in place, just use this as a guide.

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If you are buying online then these measurements are very important as it can be a hassle to have to send it back. Stores such as argos and Ikea have a set of standard sizes that will fit most bathrooms, and they also have a guide to help you measure correctly.

Next you need to decide on what style you want. Ideally you want the color to blend in with your existing decor. Most people choose a more neutral color such as white or cream, but there are many exciting patterns that can be used to freshen things up a bit. Look for a polyester material and one that can be machine washed. Shower curtains are pone to mildew if left untreated or washed and you don’t want this to spoil the look. For a more decorative look you can choose different rings and hooks, as well as the actual shower rail. If you plan on hanging wet towels over the tub then look for a double rail as this will add more stability. Argos uk have many double and single track rails made from a variety of finishes and materials.

Prices vary enormously from place to place, but you can pick up a decent curtain for under $20 USD.  The shower rails will be more expensive depending on the materials used.

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