Shower Designs to Suit Your Taste and Budget

Statistics show that we’re choosing to stay in our homes longer than in years past.  What this inevitably means is that at some point, remodeling is going to happen.  Rather than move to a new home, it is often more cost effective to make one’s current home more appealing. Depending on a variety of factors, like one’s budget and lifestyle, there are any number of ways to go about creating a new look in your home.  The more popular rooms are, of course, the bathroom and kitchen.  Furthermore, the master bath is the most common one to re-design first.  We’ll be focusing our efforts here on new shower designs that will fit your space and lifestyle.

shower designs_classic

This type of shower design is classic in the early to mid-2000s era bathrooms.

This isn’t to say that guest bathrooms are less important, but they will often be done after the master suite is complete.  When bathroom remodeling is in your near future, you’ll want to make sure that you’re plans are set and you can ‘ride it out’.

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Any remodeling is a strain on the homeowners, but the kitchen and bathrooms are especially trying.  If you only have one bathroom in your home, then you are going to want to do things in stages, more than likely.  One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom more much needed space and a clean new look is by updating your shower.  What types of designs for your shower can achieve the look and function you need?

Walk In Shower Designs

shower designs_walk in shower

This all glass, frameless walk in shower is a simple but elegant design.

This is a fairly large category of showers.  Walk in showers encompass the spectrum from modern bathrooms with large open layouts to the completely opposite small bathroom designs with cozy vanities and single basins.  In some cases, this walk in design allows for a more elegant look with glass block, frosted panels or natural stone and tile being used to create a ‘snail shell’ or nautilus design.  On the other hand, there is a safety element that a shower with no lip or edge allows for the disabled and elderly.

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Shower Designs Without Doors

These can be similar to the style mentioned above, but with more of a focus on the aesthetics of a door-less feature over the safety aspects.  In other words, showers without doors are often more luxurious looking and have more glass and seamless designs.  These types of designs are often found in resorts and spas, where doors would either be an inconvenience or would

shower designs_shower without doors

This picture shows an all glass model with a curved enclosure and no door.

require more room to swing open than is necessary for the space.  This same principle can be used to your advantage, no matter the size of your bathroom.

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What is particularly appealing about these designs is also the fact that cleaning them is simpler and you need not worry about having to replace or lubricate a door after years of use.  Depending on the type of material you use, there will be maintenance matters of cleaning, but there are designs that will make the ‘daily wipe down’ ritual a thing of the past.

Modern Shower Design Ideas

shower designs_modern

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If you need some ideas for a modern or contemporary space, consider how technology has also made its way into the bathroom.  The modern bathroom has become a technological marvel in its own right.  The shower itself can be built or customized with a high-tech shower head assembly that can control water temperature using a thermostat, can change lighting in there, play music and some even have LCD TV screens built in.

One of the more common shower head features is to allow for a variety of water fall patterns or sprays.  Waterfall shower heads and multiple-head units are very common in today’s upscale or newly remodeled bathrooms.

Shower Design Materials

Since we’re talking about a space that is in a near-constant state of high humidity and moisture, materials like stone, tile and glass make for great choices.  Some woods can be used for benches and floor mats, cabinets and trim.  Teak is one of the more common choices as it takes moisture well due to its natural resins.  It also looks very contemporary and has an appealing grain pattern.

shower designs_glass tile

This glass tile design is both unique and modern in its pattern - sort of a modern take on the subway tile.

While ceramic tiles are still the more popular choice because of greater availability, glass tiles are making a name for themselves, too.  Some classic designs, like the subway tile and the small, octagonally-shaped tiles are very popular in restoration jobs and mid-century modern homes.

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Where glass is most commonly used is for shower enclosures and walls.  Now, some counters and basins are also made of glass.  It is a ‘love it or hate it’ type of solution for many.  Glass block works well in certain walk in shower applications, as mentioned above.

shower designs_stone

This is literally a natural stone wall in a shower.

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The same is true of natural stone.  Stone can be incorporated into a variety of designs to give your space a more rustic or natural and ‘organic’ feeling.  Depending on your home’s position on the lot and your location, this may help blend the outdoor elements into the bath space.  In fact, outdoor showers are also becoming more and more popular.

shower designs_travertine

This modern shower has a travertine tile design.

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As you already know from your research, there are a variety of styles from which you can select.  Luckily, what ever the case is for your specific needs, there are shower designs that are sure to fit into your personal tastes and budgetary constraints.  This is one project where you truly get to enjoy the fruits of your labor when it’s complete.

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