Shower Shelves: Easy Way to Organize Your Bath Items

If you think a shower shelf is a trivial item, try living without one for a period of time. As it turns out, a shower shelf can come in really handy when you also need to shave or wash your hair in the shower, or even if you just need a place to put your body wash or soap.

Depending on the age and construction of your home, you may or may not be blessed with sufficient accommodations for your bath items & hair products during a shower. It’s also true that many shower designs don’t lend themselves well to organization.  Sure, they look modern and trendy, but there ends up being few places to put a bottle of shampoo.  In some situations a shower shelf may only be an after-thought, whereas in other instances you could be lucky enough to have copious built-in shower shelf to organize all your bath products.  After market products, like the shower caddy are also great solutions.

These shower shelves are built into this travertine tile shower.

It is easy to overlook the importance of a good shower shelf, and good shower shelf placement, because you may not immediately recognize how closely having a shower shelf is tied to personal safety.

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With about 70% of all household accidents occurring in the bathroom, with slip-and-fall being the number two cause of accidental death and disability in North America, and with an aging general population, it is not difficult to see how small bathroom design improvements like a well-placed shower shelf can facilitate personal safety. Any tool that decreases the number of slip-falls by keeping you from reaching and sliding across slippery surfaces can be invaluable.

If you are not so lucky as to have built-in shower shelves in your bathroom, there is still good news because you can purchase a shower shelf in a wide variety of styles and designs to compliment your bathroom decor. Another helpful advantage when it comes to shopping is that you can find a good shower shelf in almost any price range. There is simply no reason not to add a simple, cost-effective, safety and convenience item like a shower shelf. It is not just a luxury item a good shower shelf is a bathroom necessity.

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