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It is nearly impossible to get an accurate siding installation price quote without talking to a professional about your specific project. An installation siding job varies in price extensively – there are just too many factors to consider; the size of your house, where you live – not just because of the climate but also because going rates are more expensive in different areas – California for example-, whether they will be replacing old siding, whether or not the old siding needs to be removed, etc etc. These factors don’t even take into consideration the type of siding you wish to install. However, the cost of siding types is pretty universal:

Vinyl Siding: $.45- $1.90
Pros: It’s low maintenance, No paint required, Fairly efficient at venting moisture, Won’t warp and isn’t susceptible to insect of water damage.
Cons: Can chip and crack in cold weather, can rattle, melt, burn, and become brittle.
Lasts: 25-50 years

Wood: $.67-$3.46
Pros: Can be finished or left natural, impact resistant, available already painted and primed,
Cons: Higher maintenance if painted, can be damaged by insects, warping, twisting, and burning
Lasts: 10-100 years

Fiber Cement: $.84-$2.55
Pros: Looks like wood. Isn’t susceptible to insects, warping, twisting or burning, Impact resistant.
Cons: Occasional repainting, may be damaged by water freezing and thawing
Lasts: 50 years or more

Masonry: $2.46- $10 plus
Pros Low maintenance, resistant to all types of damage with the exception of water freezing and thawing.
Cons: Periodic refinishing if painted, stucco requires some crack repair.
Lasts: 10-100 years or more.

These are the standard options, although a new simulated stucco is also becoming available. As you can see there is still a wide range of price even within these standard options. The best idea is usually to do some research to figure out what different options can cost in your area, then set a budget and try to stick within it.

Consumer reports has an excellent rating system and has rated different brands for many of the siding types.

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