Simple Tips To Improve Your Bathroom: Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms tend to be a forgotten artifact in the home.  Very often, your shower design can be quite dated.  This happens rather quickly in times of home appliance and decor innovation.  Either it doesn’t reflect any of the styling of the rest of the home or it isn’t decorated at all leaving it cold and sterile.  There are a lot of small improvements that you can do that don’t require construction or remodeling to improve its appearance and function.

The key to figuring out what needs improvement is to look at your bathroom like you’ve never been there before.  Ask yourself what a stranger would see and think when they walked in.  Many of us are so used to how our bathrooms look that we don’t even notice how many things we could do to make it better.  With this set of “fresh eyes” you can now look at it with a new perspective and really see things how they are.

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One of the things that has the biggest impact are the bathroom light fixtures.  Upgrading the bathroom vanity lighting can make a huge difference in the feel of the room as well as how it functions.  If you have a vanity light already in place, installing a new one is very simple.  All you have to do is remove the old one and put the new one in its spot.  If you are challenged with DIY work or just electrical work, hire a licensed contractor to do it for you.

Another easy thing to do is to change out all of the accessories.  You might think that your zebra print shower curtain is cute, but your guests probably don’t.  Choose colors that jive with the rest of your home, but are neutral enough that they aren’t harsh in the bathroom.  Look at replacing towels, shower curtains, rugs, and wall hardware.  If you’re on a tight budget be sure to shop the sales to save as much money as possible.

Your bathroom shouldn’t be dark and dreary.  Keep your space looking light and airy.  Colors will go a long way toward enhancing the look and feel of your space; think in terms of the cooler ‘water’ colors – blues, greens and light hues.  Spend a few bucks and the time to make it feel like it’s a part of the family too!

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