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The Single Pedestal Dressing Table is one of the most popular styles of dressing table on the market today. Originally used in France in the 17th Century, when it was nothing more than a simple wash-basin between two pieces of wood, the dressing table has evolved to become a much more thoughtfully designed piece of furniture, available in a variety of ranges and styles.

The trouble is the poor old dressing table does suffer from an image problem; many young women look upon them as the preserve of the older generation, something their mothers and grandmothers would use but not certainly not a modern woman about town and on top of this people tend to view them as a luxury item rather than an essential one, so really are not worth the money. Reality could not be further from the truth however and often these same people will find that once they’ve owned a dressing table they wonder how they ever managed without one.

The Single Pedestal Dressing Table, for example, can be a very impressive piece of furniture; especially when made from solid wooden materials like pine or oak. Often the more practical as well when compared to the larger double pedestal counterparts. Typically the single pedestal dressing table will have a door or set of drawers (or both) positioned either to the right or the left hand side, offering a considerable amount of storage space without being too large or imposing for the space it occupies. With that in mind if your bedroom is not the largest or the available space just isn’t there then the single pedestal dressing table will definitely be the preferred choice, either that or a desk style console dressing table.

So the single pedestal dressing table should be ideal for just about any room, however make sure you buy a set which includes a stool and dressing table mirror; in the long run this will save you money – skipping these items in the beginning will only mean you’ll have buy them further down the line which will certainly cost you more.

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