Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small bathroom remodel ideas can be a challenge for many different reasons.  Even a large bathroom remodel can be difficult but the main problem with small bathrooms is the lack of space.  Bathroom decoration ideas may help the space look bigger, but they will not provide any more actual space.

Solving the problem of space in a small bathroom can be tricky depending on the layout of the home.  The easiest solutions for finding space are right in the bathroom itself. The amount of space that can be gained by removing a large vanity, cabinet or bath tub can be very surprising.  Walk in showers are ideal for small bathrooms as they take up less floor space than tubs and combined fixtures. A variety of shower designs, like these walk in models to some frameless units can be great solutions.

A well done small bathroom design and remodel job.

You can also get the illusion or sense of more space in your standard shower with the use of a curved shower curtain rod.  You may have used one of these in a hotel recently.  They provide you with much more elbow room.   Bath vanities and cabinets are wonderful for storage but they tend to be bulky and take up more space than needed. If the items inside can be stored elsewhere then these bulky items can be removed.

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Just like with a small bedroom design, to really open up space in a small bathroom it is ideal to move some walls.  If the bathroom is adjacent to a closet it should be fairly simple to knock out the connecting wall and open up the space.  Anytime walls are being moved, a professional should be involved.  It is very important to know if there are electrical or plumbing issues that may be set inside of the wall.  You also need to know if any of the walls are load bearing, providing structural support in any way.  Who knows, it may even lead to some further closet ideas for your other room.

Once the wall has been moved and your bathroom space is larger you will want to re measure everything.  Although it is tempting to fill this newly made space with fixtures, storage, and decoration you do not want it to look cluttered.  Remember why it is that you wanted more space in the first place and keep fixtures far enough apart from each other.  You want your small bathroom not to feel small after all.

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