Small Bedroom Designs and Solutions

Sometimes, you just can’t help the size of your space.  Maybe you just purchased the home and the rooms are what they are.  Other times, you may simply be renting and don’t have the luxury of tearing down walls or taking such drastic measures that would otherwise be available in a typical remodeling job.  So, we’ll cover five great small bedroom designs and ideas to give that space some room.

Think about your bedroom design ideas.  What is it that you really want to say in that space?  Even though it is a small bedroom, it still has something to say.  In fact, you should think about all the spaces in your home this way.  We’ve done this with the small bathroom remodel ideas and we can apply those principles everywhere in the home.  Each room has something it wants to say or express and it’s your job to help it do so in a way that is in keeping with your decor sensibilities.

As we consider these five bedroom designs, think about how you can make them work in your space.  If some seem unrealistic or unlikely, use their ‘essence’ to give you another idea to use.  After all, good design comes down to creativity.  You can always find a new way to utilize common objects in uncommon ways.  Let’s start with the least expensive and then ‘look around’ your space to come up with these great ideas.



The simplest way to give your room a sense of openness is to use a light or bright color and use it on all of your walls.  You can also use a glaze to add even more depth to that color.  Solid colors will work better than anything with patterns.  You can use a dark color as an accent on one wall, but just as an accent.  Another trick is to paint adjacent rooms the same color helping these spaces sort of blend together in a flowing, elongated space.

Look Around

Now, you can look around your space and see areas where open shelving may be appropriate.  Any entertainment center doors or cabinet doors on desk or office furniture can be removed, where appropriate.  Another way to go is just replacing these doors with glass.  In the kitchen space, we’ve talked about how to reface cabinets and in the living room we’ve talked about fireplace refacing.  Well, now, we’re talking about replacing the cabinet doors in your bedroom or home office space.  It helps to be able to see through to the walls, giving more depth again.  Remember to keep your cabinet spaces tidy and organized because this can quickly clutter a space.  Use decorative cardboard storage boxes for items that are a bit more unruly.

Looking Up

You can also find some space toward your ceiling where you may be able to get some extra storage.  Even if it is low and has something to do with why that space feels enclosed, it can be utilized.  Some places that are uncommonly used are spaces between the door and the ceiling, a great place for a little shelf.  If done right, it works great.  Make sure that you don’t place items there that could fall and cause a potential injury.

Looking Down

Now, turn your gaze downwards.  Utilize space beneath your bed for storage of clothing items or wrapping paper rolls in storage containers.  There are some made specifically for this purpose.  The storage bed is another great option.  These are often platform style beds with storage built right into the frame.  This way, there is no clutter beneath the bed and the items slide right out from their drawers.  Some storage can also be found in bedside tables.

Buy Smaller Pieces

The ultimate way to contain the cramped and squeezed feeling in your room is by using large or even full-size furniture and appliances.  Instead of putting a big queen size bed in that guest room, use a twin or full.  Unless you are expecting that space to be heavily used by couples, then a full or double is fair.  Likewise with your chairs and other items.  Go with apartment or model home size items.  They will look better and give your small bedroom designs really come together.

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