Thinking About Purchasing a Softside Waterbed?

There are two types of waterbeds on the market currently. One is called a hardside waterbed, which is the standard type of waterbed sold. The other is the softside waterbed. This is a newer type of waterbed, and it is a great option for those who do not want a huge waterbed in their room. Some people prefer a hardside waterbed, but more and more people are switching to softside waterbeds because they look more like a regular bed, and they do not require a wooden base that takes up a lot of room.

Softside WaterbedOne of the great things about softside waterbeds is how comfortable they are. You can get softside waterbeds with different degrees of padding and support, so you can be as close to the water or further away if you do not want to sway on the water during the night. If you prefer to be close to the water, then you will want to get a plush covering for your bed, which will only be about one inch thick. This is about as thin as padding can get without lying directly on the water filled casing. You can still get the feel of a regular waterbed, but you will not have to buy the expensive base. You can replace your old bed with a softside waterbed, and the sizing will be exactly the same.

Then next type of covering is a plush topping. This type of covering will have about two and half inches of padding, which is great if you need a little more support. You will still be able to feel the movement of the water, but not nearly as much as if you had a one inch pad. Lastly, you can get a mattress padding that had two and half inches of support plus a layer of memory foam. This padding will give you the most support out of any of them, and you will not feel the water in your bed very much. If you have back problems, then this is probably the best option because you will need more support than you would get from a regular waterbed.

Another great thing about softside waterbeds is that you can get one or two interior mattresses within the main mattress. This is great if you and your spouse have different sleeping styles and if someone gets cold or hot often. These waterbeds come with heaters, which means that you can control the temperature on your side of the bed if there are two interior mattresses. If there is just one, you will heat up the entire bed if you turn the heater on. These beds come in all sizes, so you can get one for your child who is a few years old, or you can get a big one for your master bedroom.

You should try out the different styles of waterbeds before making a decision because you might find that you need more support than you thought. This will help you to find the best possible bed for you, your spouse, and your children. These are just some of the things that you should consider when you are shopping for a softside waterbed. You should also consider cost because some of the beds can be expensive. It is always a good idea to shop around, save up your money, and then buy one. It is best if you can get what you really want instead of just settling for a mattress that doesn’t have exactly what you want. Once you have your waterbed, you can enjoy feeling the rolling water, or you can enjoy just a slight movement of water if you have a thicker pad.

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