Things To Consider Before Purchasing Solar Yard Lights

Solar yard lights are probably the easiest to install of all yard lights.  Many of the solar lights are self contained and require only careful placement of the light in the correct position.  In fact, if once you have installed the light you find that it is in the wrong place, it can even easily be moved in most instances.

Solar lights work best in areas where they get several hours of full sun.  They are not appropriate for lawns or gardens that are heavily shaded.  In addition, if you must have light in an area for the entire night, these lights may be discharged before sunrise, so keep the fact in mind.

These lights are available in a variety of styles.  The most common are used to light a walk or path and offer down lights.  However, it is also possible that buyers may find spot lights, and uplights that work on the same principle.  Some of the decorative lights that operate using solar principles may be shaped as bugs, birds or flowers.  These lights add a whimsical look to the garden.

Since there is no wiring required for solar lights there are some designs possible that would be much more difficult using traditional wired lighting.  These include some of the hanging lanterns.  The lantern can hang from a metal stand as well as from a tree, shrub or the house.  The lights are also an excellent choice to light a corner of the garden that may be quite distant from the nearest electrical power source or to line a long driveway.  Unlike low voltage lighting that depends on the household current, these lights can easily be placed hundreds of feet from the nearest power source.  The ease of placement and lack of need for electrical power makes solar yard lights an excellent choice when camping.  Just push into the ground, allow to charge and enjoy several hours of solar lighting each evening.

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