Build Your Own Spa At Home With Steam Showers And Travertine Tile

There was a time when a bubble bath in a regular sized fiberglass tub was considered the epitome of relaxation, but times have changed, and most homeowners have more extravagant tastes.  A typical ¨Calgon moment” now includes beautiful tiles, multiple steam shower heads, and reclining benches found at luxury spas.  Some of these shower designs may not be practical for the average home, but there are ways one can relax without a trip to the spa.

There are many reasons why steam showers have become more popular recently.  They are more eco friendly using much less water than regular showers. For twenty minutes of steam showering one only uses two gallons. The most efficient ordinary shower head uses twenty times as much water. Another reason why some prefer steam is that they can enjoy aromatherapy and ambient music and lighting while showering. They really are the most luxurious shower and bathing choice available for the home these days.

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A person might want to have a regular shower before or after her luxurious steam treatment. Multiple shower heads provide a bather the opportunity to shower all of her body at the same time, so there is no need to twist and turn to clean individual body parts. There are a multitude of settings, as well, so one can have a massage flow or a more gentle stream. With a detachable hand-held head as an option, one can have even more versatility.

Function may be important, but appearance is a huge part of deciding on bathroom fittings. The spa environment would not be a place for ordinary fiberglass. Gorgeous tile is perfect when creating a luxury retreat. There are a multitude of materials to choose from for tile: granite, stone, marble, or ceramic, to name a few. One of the most popular is travertine tile. It is is very versatile with many different finishes. One can choose matte, shiny, or glossy to complete the look they desire. There are also tumbled and brushed finishes that are similar to natural stone with a rougher texture. Travertine tile is also available on just about any natural color such as greens, browns, rust, or pale cream.

While tiling is something a do-it-yourself enthusiast can handle, many of the other bathroom remodeling ideas do require a professional, especially the steam shower installation. An expert needs to do this because there are safety considerations. An improper walk in shower installation could result in mold growing behind the walls.  Having the shower enclosure sealed and plumbed properly will ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your steam showers for years to come.

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