A Few Ways To Spruce Up Your Walls With Cheap Wall Art

There a plenty of ways to decorate bare walls that you may have in your bedroom or living room, and here are three that I have used personally. You work hard to pay your mortgage or your rent, why not go that little bit extra to make that house a home?

Decorating a bedroom or a hallway doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you’ve got kids who can help you with the task. Why not make a weekend project of making some wall art cheaply that will also be an opportunity for everyone to spend some quality time together?

Just head down to the local arts and crafts shop with a strict budget amount in mind, and stick to it. There is no reason why, for $30 or $40, you can’t gather up enough cardboard, watercolors, oil paints and even a couple of new paintbrushes to allow your kids to indulge their every creative impulse so that by the end of the weekend you’ll have several works of original art done by your kids, that to you in the long run will be priceless.

Naturally cheap framed wall art is also available at larger retailers like Kmart. I recommend waiting until the semiannual clearance sales that the stores have to hold in order to clear old inventory. If you’re patient and arrive early you can find incredible deals on high-quality reproductions of classic works of art. Pick what speaks to you, as they say, and remember that there’s no need to stick to only one historical period.

If you’re feeling just a little bit adventurous, cheap metal wall art is another interesting kind of wall decoration that one can find at a garage sale or estate sales. These pieces can completely set a tone for a room so be careful in choosing them, especially if they are larger. It might be hard to really consider them cheap wall art, but very often these decorations made of metal are inspired pieces of sculpture that can easily become conversation pieces in your home.

Above all, make it fun. Your bedroom decor should be an extension of your own personality and preferences, and that of your family. It shouldn’t be too hard to find works appropriate for you and your family.

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