The Joy of Steam Shower Cubicles

After a long day, it’s hard to argue what is better – immersion in suds and hot water thanks to the enamel heaven of a bathtub or perhaps one could go with the option offered by bath shower cubicles, and enjoy the delicious sensation of a steam shower. The steam shower may appear to be similar in design to a walk in shower and principle to a sauna, but they are different in function.

Here is an example of a modern steam shower cubicle.

Upon observing one of the many steam shower cubicles, you may feel a bit taken aback by its angular and modern design.  Different from other shower designs, the steam shower cubicle is an almost high-tech looking affair that looks to have all the bells and whistles that one comes to expect of this modern day and age. In addition, there is the fact that unlike most bath shower cubicles, this particular kind of cubicle appears to be sealed. This is not a bathroom fixture for the timid consumer!

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However, if you can get past the seeming complexity of steam shower cubicles, a great many beneficial opportunities will be opened to you. For example, just like the popular saunas, this kind of bathroom accoutrement employs steam to produce its particular effect, but with the advantage of modern technology. In addition, rather than having a big expensive sauna installed in your home or going to a resort that offers these as a favored attraction, you can simply have the more economical choice installed in your home.

According to steamshower(.)org, the average cost of a modular steam shower unit is under $2,000 USD.  This is for a more modest version.  There are also models that cost considerably more.  You can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $4,000 – 5,000 USD for units that include the extra features, like shower luxury heads, music capabilities, larger units, whirlpool or ‘premium’ models.

Some of the more popular premium brands, like AmeriSteam and Royal Steam Showers can be found at great discounts by shopping online.  Like any investment in your home, these can help to raise the value of your home and your bathroom experience.

In addition, steam shower cubicles can act as a kind of heat therapy treatment, helping greatly with muscle stiffness and soreness and all sorts of annoying complaints. A good steam shower can relieve those nagging pains that can put you out of commission and yet are too negligible to take to the doctor. These types of showers have also been shown to help people with conditions like:  asthma, headaches, muscle pain and stiffness, allergies, bronchitis and sinusitis.  With these kinds of amazing bath shower cubicles on the market, it’s a wonder they aren’t found in more homes!

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