How Will Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Hold Up to Pets?

I work a lot here in my local area with homeowners that are looking to install new flooring into their home. They ask a ton of questions – which gives me ideas for what to write up online. the more I get asked a question, the more I think home owners will probably be asking those same questions online. Her concern was this – we are thinking about getting a new dog soon, but are worried about our strand woven bamboo flooring and pets. How will the bamboo floor hold up to a dog?

As a homeowner, this is an excellent question to ask. You want to protect the value of your new investment. Stranded bamboo flooring is one of the most versatile and resilient flooring available that you can invest it. Of all the types of bamboo you can choose from, strand woven bamboo will hold up the best under the constant pressure of pets. It is an excellent investment for high traffic areas of your home.

Just because strand woven bamboo is so strong doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take some caution and care with your new pet to protect your flooring. It is very important that you clip your dog’s nails regularly. This will keep them from becoming a problem for the bamboo floor. Regular baths are a must as well. especially for dogs who have longer hair and who love to be outside a good amount of the time. Dirt and sand will eventually make its way into your dog’s coat. When those particles come in contact with the strand bamboo flooring, they can scratch. I would also suggest buying your bet a soft pet bed for the family area where they usually hang out. This will keep your pet comfortable on the hard floor as well as provide an area where those particles can collect. Just make sure you wash out the bed frequently.

Strand woven bamboo floors and pets can go together very well. Like anything else in life, you will need to take regular care of both of them.

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