Styles of Mantel Clock

If you have a fireplace, then it’s probably the centrepiece of the room it’s in. For this reason it’s important to decorate it in a way that accentuates the design of the fireplace without crowding or dominating it and this is why buying the right mantel clock is important. A mantel clock is a simple and effective way of decorating your mantel piece and in this article I’ll be discussing some of the different styles available.

The great thing about choosing a mantel clock is that there are so many different styles and types. Here are a few of the most common.

Chiming Mantel Clocks
Having a chiming mantel clock is a good way of keeping track of the time even if you can’t see the clock as well as bringing some extra decoration to your mantel piece.

Brass Mantel Clock
If you want a sleek and modern clock then some of the brass clocks available may be perfect for you and your home.  For example, a brass and glass mantel clock will only cost around $50 but will look good in a variety of different situations and interior decors.

French Mantel Clocks
French mantel clocks are often extremely intricate in design and hence suit traditional homes better than modern ones. They can be expensive though – especially if you want to buy an antique version. For example, an antique French mantel clock will cost around $1500 in some cases depending on the model as well as how old it is determined to be.

Having a mantel clock on your fireplace is a great way of drawing people’s attention to it in a subtle way. Whether you’re looking for antique mantel clocks or Bulova mantel clocks there are a huge number of different options available and the best place to start looking for them is on the internet.

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