The Importance of A Sustainable House Design

More than any other time in history, the importance of reducing our impact on the environment is being recognized by society as a whole. To be able to provide some type of positive future for those that will follow, a commitment by all is necessary today to do whatever we can. One big decision that is within the power of many to control is choosing the structure of the house where they will reside. More than at any other time, there is a large availability of sustainable home designs for one to select among. Going green has true and direct meaning now. One can make the important decisions of which materials will go into a home that will make certain that it is a friend of the environment.

This sustainable house design includes passive cooling features.

One type of sustainable house design that is drawing much interest and attention is that which is known as passive solar design. This unit will fit anywhere because of the thermal dynamic principles within its structural design. The interior’s natural heating and cooling are provided for adequately through the use of different features; such as a wall of glass, that are designed to capture and harness the rays of the sun. Various overhangs and screens assure the home will not become too hot.


There are so many other highly recommended items for inclusion in the structure such as poured concrete walls, concrete block walls that are mortared and dry stack blocks that are High Thermal Massed or HTM for short. These durable products help in the warmer areas to keep the home cool. Walls should be insulated and covered by vinyl siding, stucco or brick. Other eco-friendly products include options like recycled materials such as glass and wood from an old home, and natural and local occurring items such as rocks and dead trees that are standing.  There are also ways of obtaining wood sourced from sustainably harvested forests.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a great resource for learning about where and why to purchase wood in this way.

Those in existing homes looking to get green have many options also such as the installation of double glazed windows, a heat pump replacing a furnace that is old, making certain to adequately vent the attic, and perhaps a light color roof when a replacement is called for. They may also look for new thermostats that are programmable, and Energy Star appliances when existing ones are ready for replacement. All these changes will help you save money on electricity, while enjoying a more sustainable home.


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