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Kitchen Remodeling Plans

When setting out on some kitchen remodeling plans, you’ll have a lot of choices to make.  Some remodels are more for appearances; cabinet refacing, new appliances, etc.  Then, others are more like complete remodel jobs – counters, flooring, kitchen lighting, and appliances right down to the finest details.  While it isn’t necessarily a small detail, […]

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Clay Plaster Wall Treatments

When you are considering how to finish your walls, paint is often the most obvious choice.  Let’s fact it, paint is fast, cheap and easy to work with for any level of do-it-yourself homeowner.  The harder decision regarding paint is picking the right wall color and getting the right look for your space.  Depending upon […]

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What Are Safe Paints | Low VOC Paints

If you have found this article by a search through your local search engine, then you probably are already familiar with what makes paint ‘safe’ or not.  What we are talking about is not whether they are approved or rated so by the government standards.  We all know that things can get approved and then […]

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