Taking Care of Your Leather Settee

Leather settees are small in size and occupy less space when compared to regular sofas. A settee is like two leather armchairs joined together. It fits in any small living room easily. It gives the same comfort as a big bulky sofa or love seat, but with a much smaller footprint.

Settees add a great charm and appeal to the room. Like leather chairs, they come in various colors. Choosing the right color, that matches the decor of your room, sets the mood of the room. Some of the popular colors are white, red, brown and black.

Regular and proper care of your leather settee will substantially increase its life span. It is advisable to clean them at least weekly using a soft dry cloth to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt. Most types of leather resist water, so when spills occur, just wiping with a soft sponge or cloth takes care of it.

It would be better not to use the products utilized for cleaning rugs and carpets as they too harsh for the leather used on settees. Sometimes manufacturers give specific instructions for cleaning and the products that should be used. Following these instructions will prevent any damage to the settee. Use a soft art-gum eraser for any stains or blemishes on your settee. Whatever quality of leather you choose, if you do not take proper care it will wear out faster.

Make sure that your settee is not being over exposed to heat and light. It creates cracks in the leather and damages it. Use a top quality leather cleaner/conditioner for keeping it clean if there are no specific instructions given by the manufacturer. Washing your leather furniture twice or three times every year is good for the furniture as well as good for overall hygiene. After washing it, dry it off by wiping it with soft dry cloth.  Simple maintenance like this will keep your favorite brown leather recliner or other furniture lasting a long time.

Leather is a luxurious item and maintaining it properly will ensure that it lasts longer and gives a good value for the money invested. If you are not sure about how to maintain it properly, ask for a cleaning guide at the time of purchase or note down the instructions given by the vendor.

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