Tea Light Holders

As it is always a good idea to burn tea lights on a heat resistant surface, tea light holders can be a practical, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective solution for you to burn your tea lights in.

Tea light holders come in all price ranges, colors, shapes and sizes. You can find small tea light holders in the shapes of animals such as frogs and cats. Around the holidays you will find many festive tea light holders depending on the holiday. There are Santa Claus, snowmen, hearts, Easter bunnies, shamrocks, pumpkins and many more. Tea light holders can be a great inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays.

In addition to being a great addition to your decor, tea light holders can be a great idea to have around in case of an emergency. If there is a power outage and you have a large amount of tea lights stashed away, you will need to ensure you have somewhere to safely burn them.

Tea light holders also can emit a beautiful soft light creating a relaxing or romantic mood. You can set them up on a dinner table for a quick and easy centerpiece as well.

Tea light holders come in price ranges from 99 cents up to $50 for ones that hold multiple tea lights. They can be found at dollar stores, specialty candle stores, department stores and online at tea light shops. Some bath and body stores also carry decorative tea light holders. Tea light holders also make great gifts. Most everyone enjoys burning a candle for ambiance.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home on a daily basis, for holidays, or would like more candle wall holders for emergency use, tea light holders are a great way to go. They are readily available at a number of retailers and won’t break the bank.

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