Teak Furniture – A Classic Touch At Home

All of us admire the beautiful interiors we see in designing magazines. We have different tastes when it comes to decorating – some of us opt for modern and contemporary furniture, or colors that are muted and subtle.  Then, there are those who like vintage looking furniture or very loud and prominent colors. Designing and decorating your house becomes really a challenge when you want to achieve a look that would be aesthetically valuable but functional at the same time. While most of us have varied tastes in decor, a classic all time piece could never go wrong – just like the teak wood furniture that adds an elegance that withstands the changes of times.

Basically, the teak is a kind of hard wood commonly found in Southeast Asia. The most interesting feature of this hard wood is the fact that it grows very large. This is the very reason why teak is one, if not the most utilized wood for furniture since it can offer the highest degree teak outdoor furniture set and deckingof luxury and comfort, in terms of sizes.  Rustic teak furniture can be very intricately carved or have a nice, simple quality about it.  What is nice if you can find reclaimed teak as there are issues with the harvesting practices of this sought after wood.

The best features of teak furniture are its versatility and durability. These features are interrelated. Teak furniture is versatile since they look good in both indoors and outdoors. The fact that they can be used outdoors simply implies that they are durable and can be exposed to the different weather changes and other factors that might beat up other types of furniture when used outside. What is more interesting about teak furniture is that it becomes more beautiful and elegant over the years, with less in the way of maintenance than other furniture pieces.  This is especially true of teak outdoor furniture because of it’s natural resins and oils.

In terms of its aesthetic value, teak furniture are very much regarded since they are very classic looking. Its yellowish brown color matches all kinds of decor and can stand out in a room. It can be styled in both contemporary and modern designs and what is more interesting is that when taken outside, their color changes into a grayish brown that is still gorgeous and vintage as well.

If you are still thinking about a home decor theme, why not try incorporating all kinds of wood furniture in it? There are different kinds of wood furniture that suits the different part of your house.  The living room for cedar furniture or oak furniture for your kitchens or for your bedroom, pine bedroom furniture or the timeless teak furniture that adds a classic touch to your entire house.  As you can see, various woods work well with one another, often you can simply try to match the hues or tones of the woods to create a more cohesive look.

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