The Modern Bathroom

We hear the term “modern bathroom” all the time, but do we really know what that term means? The truth is it means different things to different people, so there is no clear right or wrong. But when planning your bathroom remodel or redecorating project, there are some general things you can do that most people would agree are in the theme of the modern bathroom.

First, the term modern means busy. We are all busy. More than ever both parents hold down full time jobs, and the morning rituals that used to be for Dad alone are now for all the adults in the house. Since that

modern bathroom

These 'floating' bowls, lit counter and faucet design are all very modern.

means more bathroom time for more people, bathrooms had to become more modern and functional. If there is a single word that fits, it would be functional. Everything you do to the room should add a function or increase the functionality of something that already existed there.

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For one thing, the modern bathroom must be clutter free and organized. Modern bathroom vanities are made to accomplish these things. The intent is to organize and let the person do what they have to do and know there is a place for everything. As for style, a modern vanity is no different than any other vanity. Some people equate a modern look to new, sleek, lots of glass, etc. but that is one of those things that is subjective.  Your modern bathroom can be whatever your vision of that term means.  If your home has no children, then you can utilize more ‘adult friendly’ features, accessories and fixtures.

The general theme of modern bathroom furniture will all be just like the modern bathroom vanity mentioned above. The focus is on function. Lights will be bright, accessories will be high tech, static furniture will be familiar but very organized and, yes, functional! Televisions and other audio-visual entertainment is common in some modern bathroom features, like jacuzzi tubs and showers.  Some shower designs look more like a cockpit of an airplane than a place to wash your hair or shave.

As people get ready to go off to start their day, they need to know what is going on in the world. From the weather, stock market, to who won the big game last night, they can find out about it while shaving or brushing their teeth!

As you can see, there is no clear definition of a modern bathroom other than what you want to define it to be. Focus on function, impose your style choice on the room, and make it as up to date with technology as is possible in a bathroom and you will have put your version of the term on display!

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