Things To Consider Before Redesigning Your Living Room

This is likely to be the largest room in your home. It’s also the room in which you have probably spent the most money on furniture, fabrics and carpets. You entertain here and spend a lot of time in it, so the living room decor requires attention to detail and some elements of classic or lasting appeal.

living room design

In this space, you can see the focal fireplace, as well as the use of the shelving around it to divide the room.

Living rooms only used for a single function are rare, so it can help to divide out spaces. Make comfortable “nooks” by using decorative folding screens, or divide up a large area with a free standing set of shelves. Storage in any living room is important, you’ll want somewhere to keep books, CD’s and DVD’s, toys and other items, like souvenirs, ornaments or objects of art. Real living rooms are never static – you can keep them alive and vibrant – it is called a “living” room, after all.


If your living room seems isolated from the rest of your home, consider opening up the space by removing a wall, or simply replacing a solid or opaque door with a transparent one. Open plan living has its benefits but do you have to turn up your TV volume to drown out the sound of kitchen equipment? Do you have to turn down the volume of your TV to answer and speak on your telephone? Closing off some space with folding doors or by reducing the size of aan archway with curtains, or simply relocating the telephone, can solve a lot of problems. Adding some additional electrical sockets often means that you can relocate your TV set or stereo, while changing or adding different lights can help divide up a large area into smaller spaces. Wireless devices can help you out  in this regard as well.

Think about moving your living room. Look at where people in your home naturally congregate. It’s generally in the most appealing or welcoming space and often not where you intended.

Traditional layouts tended to put living rooms at the front of the house. Why not make it your dining room or a bedroom instead? Unless you have the luxury of more than one living room, this room must feel comfortable during the day and relaxing in the evening. There are some simple decorator’s tricks that can help you solve some of the more common living room problems and they are worth trying before you make any major or expensive alterations.

In many living rooms the fireplace is the focal point. This often means that you sit with your back to the room. Try placing a mirror over the fireplace, so the windows and the view from them become incorporated into the room. A mirror placed at right angles to a window will double the image and make a small room feel more open and spacious. Furniture is often grouped around the fireplace but take advantage of good views from a window with blinds that can be opened during the day.

Adding a window to a wall that doesn’t have one will help to improve the quality of light and space, while curtains or blinds are often the solution to creating changes of mood in a living room. In the day, pulled aside, they are unobtrusive elements but in the evening, when drawn, they become a wall of pattern or colour, capable of enhancing and transforming even the simplest of schemes.

Living Room Idea Highlights

  • Is your living room in the right room? Could you relocate it somewhere else?
  • Who uses the living room? When is it most used? What is it most used for?
  • What do you like/dislike about your living room? What objects ar eyou most fond of and which are you prepared to get rid of?
  • Can your living room be “improved” by moving the furniture? Changing the lights? Changing the colour scheme? Changing the furnishings?
  • What type of storage do you require? Do you want built-in storage with doors, or shelves to place objects on display?
  • If a room is too dark, consider adding a window or replacing a solid door.
  • Consider adding more electrical sockets or lights, or changing to mood lighting with dimmer switches.

Whatever you may decide to improve your living room, I hope this article has given you some ideas. For more tips and tricks to improve your home please visit

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