Some Tips for Installing Concrete Anchor Bolts

From time to time, there come projects that just need to be built outside.  Sometimes they are not as much about ‘home decor‘ as other projects seem to be.  Well, when these types of projects are being built outdoors, you need to know how to properly install them.  If it is going to be a weight-bearing structure, or some type of building of substance, then these types of concrete anchor bolts might be just the thing.  The topic came up recently as we were contemplating the construction of an outdoor pergola.  It was going to need to have some concrete footers, so it was decided that mounting these concrete anchors in the wet cement was the way to go.  So, we turned to a site that seems to know all about these little marvels and they’ve kindly shared their wisdom here for our readers.

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The easiest time to install anchor bolts in concrete is before a concrete floor is poured. Installation at this time requires less work and delivers a stronger, more dependable product. Any new construction should include this step in the work process. However, these bolts can be added at a later time by following the required installation procedure.

The best way to install these special bolts is to incorporate their use in the design of the building. Before pouring a concrete floor, the right bolts for the project will be installed at the correct depth, location and distance apart from each other. This will be carefully detailed in the plans. It is important that the threaded end remains above this floor the correct distance so whatever it needs to be attached to will have the right materials to work with. To keep the threaded end clean during the pouring of concrete, many professionals wrap the threads with a piece of duct tape. This keeps concrete from sticking to the bolts and creating problems later. Installing these at this time is an easy process if the correct measurements and layout is done.

Concrete anchor bolts can be added after a concrete floor or a foundation is poured. The installation at this time requires drilling the concrete, using adhesive or an epoxy mixture to secure the bolts into place and installing the bolts. Problems with this type of installation are the potential for concrete damage, the anchors may not securely attach themselves to the concrete and the holding strength is not as strong. However, this can be done if necessary

Once the building is erected or the machinery is installed, it is a simple matter to attach these to the anchor bolts by using a large flat washer and a nut tighten securely. These bolts are embedded deep in the concrete holding buildings and machinery securely in their desired locations.

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