Tips On Equipping a Kitchen With Pantry Cabinets

Like with many dual-purpose features in the home, especially the kitchen, both function and aesthetics are important.  Your cabinetry or pantry features are no exception to this fundamental rule.  We’ll explore more of the details of these fixtures and give you a better sense of what to use and when.

Pantry cabinets can improve the kitchen’s functionality to a great extent by providing a spacious storage for things like food supplies and being compact in design, they’ll be ideal space savers in your kitchen, too. These cabinets are very useful and serve many purposes. They are good for storing packaged food items and condiments, as well as silverware, cups, glasses and plates. Even though many kitchens will have a pantry cabinet furniture to store food products and separate cupboards for keeping utensils, many furniture stores offer a combination of the two kitchen storage concepts designed to serve both purposes easily. A dedicated food supplies cabinet will save a lot of kitchen space for other purposes, while giving the kitchen a well integrated appearance overall.

pantry cabinet

This style of pantry cabinet has some racks. Slide out accessories are also very popular with modern cabinet features.

When buying any type of furniture, it is important to ensure that the cabinet you choose is durable enough to last. As such, take a closer look at the structural design of the cabinet you select, and determine whether it has the ability to support heavy loads and items, such as canned foods, flour sacks, etc. Although metal-made cabinets are best suited for this, they may lack the aesthetic appeal of other options such as those that involve stone or wood. Aluminum or stainless steel, are materials that are generally used in the making of the interior racks in these cabinets which makes them more sturdy and durable, thus eliminating the need for frequent repair and replacement of shelves.

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Wooden cabinets also offer reasonable durability and weight tolerance levels, depending on the type and strength of the wood used. Plywood or extremely thin shelves are neither suitable nor recommended as they usually do not withstand extra heavy weight, being prone to cracks and breakage. Generally speaking, shelves of thicknesses in excess of half an inch are best suited for a wooden cabinet pantry, especially those that have a sturdy bolt base fixed to both sides of the supporting wooden structure.

Pantry-type furniture should be selected carefully, and in direct relation to the amount of food supplies and other items you intend to store in it. If a very little storage space is needed, you should opt for a smaller-sized cabinet, one with many spice racks, shelves, and perhaps a couple of drawers would be the ideal choice. Alternatively, for more spacious storage, you could go in for larger cabinets that are also available, as these come with at least five shelves or more, in addition to other internal storage systems designed specifically for common food products and supplies.

pantry cabinet slide out

This is an example of a slide out feature for a pantry cabinet.

Pantry cabinets are available at a number of places, including kitchen furniture stores and online retailers. While most of the pantries on offer can be set up within your kitchen, others are designed for easy and firm fixing to a wall, but the services of a professionally qualified person may be required for proper installation of the latter. If your pantry is a separate room or space, then you can browse a wide selection of pantry doors to give a unique and distinct look to that special room.

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Finally, kitchen pantry cabinets do indeed make for a more organized kitchen, apart from adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen and making it more visually appealing in design and style.

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