Tips on Buying Bathroom Light Fixtures

With current building practices, the average American home has 2.5 bathrooms. If you’re building a new home, or just wanting to remodel an existing bathroom, don’t forget about the bathroom light fixtures. It can be easy just to brush this decision aside and go with a classic look or just the standard light fixtures that you might find in any bathroom. But why not make your bathroom an oasis? Why not make your bathroom tell a visitor a little bit about

These simple light fixtures are appropriate in this space.

who you really are? As odd as that may seem, although the bathroom doesn’t get much use, it shouldn’t be a neglected part of your house — especially when it comes to decor.

Once you’ve decided on the toilet and the tub, and even the sink that you want, turn your mind to the light fixtures. Bathroom decorating doesn’t have to be a chore. A few simple design elements will bring the entire space together. It’s not that you have to have an overarching theme like seashells or race cars or anything silly like that, what your bathroom lighting fixtures need is a unifying theme. So, as you’re shopping, consider that all the light fixtures should have the same finish — perhaps chrome, bronze or brushed nickel. It’s these little parts of design, the parts that people don’t even notice, that really make the difference.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, a single bathroom light fixture might be all you need. Or perhaps you’ll decide to add an accent light directly on the vanity or counter to complement the main light. How you light depends on what you want to do with the bathroom. Vanity light fixtures are very popular as a space saving tool. So the question to answer is, is your bathroom simply a place to handle your daily teeth brushing and showering and the like? Or is it a refuge, an oasis, from the world? Even if you simply use it for just the day-to-day personal maintenance of brushing your teeth or putting on makeup, the lighting and the decor should be both adequate as well as pleasant. And if you’re lucky enough to have created a little spa-like atmosphere within your home, then you know that the lighting will really help set the mood. As you’re soaking in your garden tub, you really don’t want the harsh glare of fluorescent tube lights beaming down on you. Instead, you want soft light; you want diffuse light to help you wash away cares of the day.

The most important part of your bathroom lighting design is to choose a few simple pieces that fit your budget and your aesthetic. It may take you a few weeks of shopping and research to find just the right pieces, but that will be time well spent as these lighting elements transform your bathroom into something extraordinary.

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